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Books Available from Tharp Family Ministries

Staying true to his vow to God to write books as long as he was able,  Dr. Tharp continues to be inspired and all of his books are available for purchase, either as hard copies, which can be purchased by contacting him through this website or as ebooks from

Below,  you will find a list of books available from Tharp Family Ministries

The Restoration of the Creative Heavenly Language

What language did they speak in the Garden of Eden? There is no doubt it was a Creative Heavenly Language, so powerful that it was confounded at the Tower of Babel for with it there was nothing impossible for man! Are you a Pentecostal/Full Gospel/Charismatic believer? If so, this same language was restored to the church on the day of Pentecost and is available to you for greater works!

Why I Use the King James Version of the Bible

Does it really matter which version of the Bible you choose? Is there actually anything different about them? Join the author as he compares the King James Version of the Bible with others and make up your own mind.

Seven Steps to Leadership

To define leadership in Christian circles is like trying to describe the way the water reflected the sunlight on a semi-cloudy day a hundred years ago on a mountain lake of an unknown location! It can't be done. Either you are a leader ordained of God or not. There should be an intellectual way of describing leadership that would make you want to lay claim to uttering such a profound platitude.

Skandalon: The Trap of Offense

The word translated "offended" in the King James Version of the Bible is the Greek word Skandalon which denotes the trigger that springs a trap. Holding on to an offense is very much like the monkey who is trapped by the bait which, if he would only release, he could go free. Have you found yourself trapped by offense? Learn to let it go and live the life of freedom you were meant to!

Church Growth: What's the Problem? Sheep or Shepherds?

How many years has it been since a new convert has been added to your church congregation? Do you feel like you're doing everything you can and you still aren't experiencing the kind of growth you'd like to see? Just whose responsibility IS it to build the church anyway? Join the author as he shares from the Bible and his own experience some keys to inspire church growth!

The Bread and the Cup: A Standing Miracle

I have discovered for myself that there is a standing miracle awaiting for those who believe the power of The Bread and the Cup! Many have been blinded by their mundane acceptance of this universally embraced religious ritual, and have been living serenely and unconsciously at the brink of a phenomenal revelation! Join me as we unveil healing in the Holy Sacrament!

The Heart of A Child

Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of heaven." God loves kids!! A must read for anyone desiring to start a Children's Ministry within their local church or are simply interested in the heart of God toward the younger generation.

Don't Forget to Remember

The human memory has parameters and Jesus made it clear that on every occasion when they observed the Communion, they were to do it in remembrance of Him, but like the disciples,when you cannot remember what has not yet happened in the future, the past becomes incredibly important!Faith for our future is strengthened by each memory of what God has already done in the past! What do YOU remember?

How to Bury Your Mountains

Come on an incredible journey with me as we deiscover that God is in the business of burying mountains, not just for the great hero's faith, but for everyday people who are facing dilemmas that seem to be never ending, mind boggling days of perpetual discouragement. There is an answer, and God wants you to have it!

The Substitute

A substitute is one who is an understudy, an alternate, a successor, a stand-in, or a backup. Their position is infinitely important to the maintenance and overall function of a team, providing relief, support and stability. This book is a must-read for anyone who finds themselves not in the place of authority, but submitted to the God-given authority over them.