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We are always humbled to hear how God has used Tharp Family Ministries to impact lives all over the world.  Only that which has been done for Christ will truly last,  and every story of a life touched is offered back to God to have HIS GLORY!  

We hope you will be encouraged by some of these stories!!!


Dear Sharon,  I wanted to let you know that you and Marty were deeply responsible for stirring up the musical gift in my life and givng me motivation to enter into music ministry on many levels. First of all... My name is Jerry Piper, I'm from southern Illinois and met you through local and St. Louis FGBMFI conventions. A group of us kids fell in love with your music in the early '70's and became followers of your ministry... we formed our own group called "God's Children" and joined you at the DuQuoin State Fair at least one year (if my memory serves me fully.) Anyway... you were a great inspiration to me... and even showed me a few tips on the piano that made me feel like a pro. Since then... I've graduated from university, two Bible schools and have been in music ministry all my adult life. I've also written many songs, which have been recorded by many artists through the years including The Downings, Sam Goodman, and others. Marty Tharp & Co. were an AWESOME inspiration to me and the other kids in the group. I can't thank you enough for your kindness and generosity and willingness to reach out to a couple of seemingly insignificant kids. My wife and I are still involved in ministry... God bless you!

-Jerry Piper


I saw you in the fall of 1971 at the Full Gospel Businessmen's convention in St. Louis at the Chase Park-Plaza. I remember well when you then stayed with us at our little Jesus commune in nearby Alton, Illinois for a while afterward. I believe that a friend, Steve Corgan, toured with you for a while sometime after that.

I'm in St. Louis and on fire for Jesus!

-Steven Phipps


Just wanted to say a big thank you for your ministry in Seagoe Primary School today. I am one of the teachers and it was wonderful to see the kids being so enthusiastic and willing to take part in the fun! I was one of those kids many moons ago when I was a pupil of Kings Park in Lurgan so I had the chance to relive some happy childhood memories today! Many thanks to you all. You are inspirational. Good bless you.

-Julie (aka Mrs Hynds!)


Hello Tharp Family! I come from a school in Northern Ireland. You came to my primary school when I was younger and I still have the CDs of you singing.  My sisters love "I Love Jesus Better Than Ice Cream," and I thought I would write you to thank you for the work you are doing in schools. It does really make a difference as I love singing and, I'm a Christian and since you came to my school I have put them together and used it at its best.  So a big thank you,  and I hope God is still working in you the way He is working in me! Thanks again!

-Aimée xxx


Hi there, I'm reaching out to you as a bit of a blast from the past and you certainly touched my life some 30 odd years ago when I was a pupil at Abbotts Cross Primary School in Newtownabbey. I have 3 young children of my own and all of them can sing "I Love Jesus Better than Ice Cream," although these days I can only remember some of the song. Anyway, I lost my faith as a lot of people do as they grow older and about 2 years ago I started to get it back.  I am an officer in a BB company in Limavady, NI and I wanted to know if you have any hints, tips or ideas how I can use music to help our boys and bring fun into faith? Anyway, enough about me... I hope all is well with you and, 30 years on, your family is still in my thoughts and your music forever in my heart. God bless.

-Paul Taylor



Hi guys,
I'm so excited that I found you on facebook, I have been singing your song, "I Love Jesus Better Than Ice Cream,"  since I was a little girl. I wanted to tell you that back then I was only a young child(I'm 36 now) and yous visited Scotland and sang and prayed with us youngsters at our school. At the time I was having a very horrific childhood and you could not possibly have known the seed you planted for me that day.  While I would love to say that was the day I understood who God was and how much He loved me, it would be a further almost 20 years later that I would be saved and give myself to Jesus, but guys,  I have never forgotten you and how good you made me feel that day.  Because of you guys, I took my first steps to becoming a Christian, I am at the minute writing a testimony and I have been once again remembering where my journey began.  I wanted to tell you thank you so very much with all my heart for coming to Scotland when I was a little girl and introducing me to our Saviour. It's so wonderful to see a picture because whenever I tell anyone about you guys I say, "Awww, Mr. Tharp had the look of Kenny Rogers!"  I'm actually crying with joy right now! You guys are brilliant and I'm so happy to see your ministry is still going strong. God bless and thank you again!

-Annie Mackie